Aquatics Unlimited: Products
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Standard Supplies

  • Complete Setups: check out our standardized box kits for fresh or saltwater, or let us assemble a custom setup just the way you want it.
  • Aquariums, including mini, standard rectangular, hexagon, bowfront and corner - custom sizes and overflow aquariums available.
  • Aquarium Stands, from inexpensive iron to cabinets
  • Lighting fixtures for most standard size aquariums, including standard fluorescent, twin and triple tube fluorescent, T5, compact fluorescent and LED; custom fixtures by special order.
  • Filters - corner box, sponge, undergravel, hang-on power, and canister.
  • Heaters from economy deluxe submersible
  • Hi-tech gear, including reverse osmosis units, protein skimmers, UV sterilizers and more
  • A HUGE selection of aquarium decor, including artificial plants, driftwood, rocks, and ornanments.
  • Pond supplies, from heavy duty EPDM pond liner to foods, water treatments, filters, UV clarifiers and submersible lights
  • plus a full line of foods, books, medications, additives and other aquarium supplies


Fiddler Crab
  • Thousands of tropical fish from common to unusual
  • Dozens of varieties of aquatic plants for the aquarium
  • Cichlids from Africa, the Americas and Asia
  • Saltwater fish and invertebrates
  • Live corals and "live rock" for the mini-reef
  • Koi and goldfish for the garden pond
  • Pond plants (in season)
  • shrimp, newts and fiddler crabs

...and much, much more.


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