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Effective 1/27/13, Aquatics Unlimited is instituting a program to reward customers for their purchases.

Revision 4/1/15, Aquatics Unlimited has revised the purchase threshhold for redeeming rewards. Customers will earn a $5 reward for every $500 spent. All unredeemed rewards will remain in place; all accumulated points will count towards the new threshhold. Explanation of Duration of Program was also revised, and sections for Additional Perks and Waiting Period have been added.

Agreement - Participants agree to these terms and conditions. Use of the rewards program signifies the buyer's agreement.

Amount of Reward - Customers earn a $5 reward for every $500 (not including sales tax) worth of merchandise purchased. Reward credits accumulate with each purchase, and when the $500 is achieved or surpassed, a $5 credit will be available to use on a future purchase. Sales tax and other fees do not accumulate rewards points.

Additional Perks - Periodically, Aquatics Unlimited will offer additional perks and benefits that apply only to customers enrolled in the Rewards program, including limited time discounts on certain products.

Waiting Period - There is no waiting period; customers may begin enjoying the benefits of the Rewards program immediately after signing up.

Gift Cards - Purchasing a gift card does not generate rewards points. When a gift card is redeemed towards qualifying merchandise, points are awarded as usual.

Duration of Program - The rewards program does not have a scheduled expiration at this time, but may be discontinued without notice at Aquatics Unlimited discretion. When program expires, any remaining points will also expire, but any unused rewards may still be applied to future purchases.

Eligibility - All customers who are not on another discount plan are eligible. Any abuse of the program will result in termination.

Withdrawal - Customers may permanently withdraw from the rewards program upon request.

Duplicate Accounts - Only one account is allowed per customer. Duplicate accounts will be merged.

Enrollment - In order to earn awards, customers must provide us with name and phone number in order to create an account. That's it; no cards, no detailed information.

Reward balance - Information regarding available rewards or balance needed to achieve next reward is printed on receipts. You may also call us at 414-543-2552 or ask us at checkout for your reward balance.

Eligible transactions - All purchases of merchandise are eligible, provided the customer provides us with name and phone number at checkout. We are unable to add reward points from sales completed without customer information.

Returns and Trade-Ins - Any returned goods (including trade-in fish or supplies) automatically deduct rewards points in our tracking system. Since points are either awarded on the initial sale (in the case of returns) or when store credit is redeemed (in the case of trade-ins) the net effect is zero.

Privacy - Please click here for privacy details.

Modification - Aquatics Unlimited may, at its sole descretion, modify the terms of this agreement. Any modifications will be posted on this page.


Local Specials

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REWARDS account may be required for special pricing. You may sign up and use the special pricing the same day!

* = SPECIAL ORDER; 100% deposit required

** = while supplies last

*** = specially marked tanks only; selection may vary during the sale

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