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Located in a western suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Aquatics Unlimited has an outstanding selection of freshwater fish, invertebrates and live plants for the aquarium and outdoor ponds. Aquatics Unlimited also has a large selection of marine fish, invertebrates and corals for any saltwater aquarium large or small. With over 12,000 square feet of floor space, Aquatics Unlimited carries a variety of products for the simple to advanced hobbyist to help ensure a successful aquarium or pond. Come visit us at 3550 S. 108th Street in Greenfield, Wisconsin 53228-1257. We are open from 12 P.M. to 8 P.M. Monday through Friday, 10 A.M to 8 P.M. Saturdays and 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. Sundays We can also be reached by phone at 414-543-2552 or fax at 414-543-4929.


  • Over 12,000 square feet of livestock and products.
  • Over 500 display aquariums.
  • Over 10,000 gallons of freshwater.
  • Over 3,000 gallons of saltwater

Serving the Greater Milwaukee Area since 1969

It was in August of 1969 that Aquatics Unlimited first opened its doors on the corner of 95th Street and Greenfield Avenue in West Allis. Most of our dry goods fit on a single 8-foot shelf, our “cash register” was a cigar box, and all-glass aquariums were but a glimmer in somebody’s eye. On busy weekends, we doubled our staff to two. The past few decades have seen four different locations, a lot of water changes, and plenty of new faces, but our aim is still the same – to provide “The Best in Tropical Fish” and aquarium equipment. We’d like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to so many faithful customers who have helped us towards that goal.


Aquatics Unlimited carries all the products you will need to setup any aquarium from a tiny desktop betta tank to your dream saltwater aquarium masterpiece! With over 50 years of experience, we carry only the products we believe in, so you can rest assured you are purchasing the best quality products on the market for the best value!

Our 12,000 sq. foot store is filled with aquarium products and livestock. Listed below is a summary of what we have in store:

  • We carry a large selection of Additives/Supplements for Marine and Freshwater aquariums
  • Air Equipment, from air pumps to decorative figures and more!
  • Standard Aquariums, Aquarium kits, and Betta Bowls
  • We also carry select size Rimless Aquariums
  • We can also order custom size aquariums and stands to fit that perfect spot in your home or business
  • To cover your aquarium, we have Glass Tops and Screens to fit most standard size aquariums
  • Tank not up to temperature? We have a large selection of Heaters and Thermometers to help regulate the perfect temperature for your small or large aquarium.
  • From simple fluorescent light to the latest technology LED lighting, we have the largest options of Lighting for your aquarium.
  • We carry a large selection to help Clean and Maintain your aquarium from scrapers and scrubbers to Fish Nets and other accessories.
  • Not enough flow throughout the aquarium? Come check out our Pumps, Powerheads, and Wavemakers to help get the water moving through your aquarium.
  • We have the Largest Selection of Decorative Plants, Ornaments, and Driftwood to make your aquarium unique!
  • From HOB filters to Canister filters and Sumps, we can help recommend the best option to keep your aquarium clean! We also carry a variety sized Protein Skimmers and Media Reactors to help boost your filtration equipment.
  • Not sure what to put at the bottom of your aquarium, from small sand to large rocks we have any Substrate to fit your aquarium. We also provide Dry Rock in bulk in order to help decorate a natural looking aquarium.
  • Large selection of Dry Fish food and Frozen foods for any finicky eater.
  • Fish still wont eat the staple foods? We have Live Foods to help even the most stubborn of fish!
    • Goldfish, Guppies, and Rosy Minnows
    • Ghost Shrimp, Live black worms and Crickets!
    • Live Baby and Adult Brine Shrimp
    • Ask about our bulk Pricing on Black Worms!
  • Fish not looking well? We have a broad selection of Medications that can help your livestock back to perfect health!
  • Looking for things to help your Outdoor Pond? We have items such as Pond liner, and plumbing to help you get started to additives and lights to help you enjoy throughout the summer.
  • We have Reverse Osmosis and Deionization units to help you get the purest water around for your aquarium. Easy to use and setup!
  • We also have UV Sterilizers to help keep that water crystal clear, in tank or in-line we have small or large units to fit whatever sized aquarium you have.
  • Want to check your water quality? We have Testing and Monitoring equipment to help you discover everything in your water. From Titration test kits to digital colorimeters and more!

Don’t See the product needed for your aquarium? Call our store and see what we may have available in stock to help you!

Aquatics Unlimited IS “bestfish.com.”

In the 1990’s scramble for .com identities, Aquatics Unlimited was looking for a name that was (1) still available, (2) easy to remember and (3) easy for customers to type and spell correctly. Since our logo and advertising had contained “The Best in Tropical Fish” since 1969, www.bestfish.com was a natural choice. We are not affiliated with any other pet or aquarium business of that name, in either the real or virtual world.