Diamond Tetra
Moenkhausia pittieri

Care Level




Reef Compatible


Plant Safe


Max Size

2" - 5"

Minimum Tank Size

10 gallon


Silver, White



Water Conditions

Acidic (5 to 7 pH), intermediate water hardness (6 to 12 dH), 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit


General: The Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) is endemic to Lake Valencia of Venezuela. The Diamond Tetra should be kept in schools (7, or more) as it is one of the larger, social Tetras. As a relatively large member of the scientific family Characinidae, this fish should be kept in a minimum of 20 gallons with other peaceful, community-based fish. The Diamond Tetra can add a little bit of glimmer to the darkest of aquariums.

Fecundity: The Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) can produce up to 300 eggs per clutch. Be sure to include floating, live plants within the aquarium to promote reproductive behavior of the Diamond Tetra.

Water Chemistry Preference: Acidic (5 to 7 pH), intermediate water hardness (6 to 12 dH)

Aquarium Diet: Brine shrimp, blackworms, general flake, omnivore pellet, Spirulina

Dimorphism: The Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) male will have an elongated dorsal fin, while the female's will be relatively short. Also, the female Diamond Tetra will take on a more gravid appearance when ready to reproduce.

Compatibility: The Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) is typically compatible with other large Tetra, Danio, Rasbora, Pencilfish, Gourami, and Swordtail.

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Author: Aquatics Unlimited