GloFish® Tetra
Gymnocorymbus sp.

Care Level




Reef Compatible


Plant Safe


Max Size

2" - 5"

Minimum Tank Size

20 gallon


Starfire Red®, Electric Green®, Sunburst Orange®, Cosmic Blue®, Galactic Purple® and Moonrise Pink®. GloFish®



Water Conditions

Neutral (6.5 to 7.5 pH), intermediate water hardness (6 to 12 dGH), 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit


General: The Skirted Tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) are naturally from sections of slower-moving streams in Paraguay. The Black Skirt Tetra is a naturally-occurring species, while the White Skirt (or Glofish) Tetra is actually bred specifically to support the hobby. Both Tetra will reach a length over two inches, and can live up to ten years in captivity.

Fecundity (Reproduction): The female Skirted Tetra can produce up to 500 eggs per clutch. To encourage spawning behavior of Skirted Tetra, be sure to include much aquatic plant life within the aquarium. Also, try to maintain a slightly acidic pH of 6.2, a soft water hardness (3 to 6 dGH), and a water temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Preferred Water Chemistry: Neutral (6.5 to 7.5 pH), intermediate water hardness (6 to 12 dGH)

Aquarium Diet: Brine shrimp, baby brine shrimp, blackworms, general flakes, omnivore pellet, Spirulina

Dimorphism: The male Skirted Tetra will have a shorter, more pointed dorsal fin, and be noticeably slimmer. The female Skirted Tetra will have a taller, more well-rounded dorsal fin. Once mature, the female will also take on a more gravid appearance.

Compatibility: The Skirted Tetra is typically compatible with other Tetra, Danio, Rasbora, Corydoras, Rainbowfish, and South American Dwarf Cichlids (Ram, Apistogramma).

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Author: Aquatics Unlimited