Goyder River Rainbow
Melanotaenia trifasciata

Care Level




Reef Compatible


Plant Safe


Max Size

2 - 5

Minimum Tank Size



Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow



Water Conditions

72-75° F, KH 10-30, pH 7.0-8.3


General: The Goyder River rainbowfish originates from streams and swamps of Australia. They are considered a very good beginner fish and come in variety of color morphs. It is recommended to aquascape their aquarium with driftwood, plants, a sandy substrate, and to create a slight water current to mimic their natural habitat.

Fecundity: In order to breed the Goyder River rainbowfish, it is recommended to condition the fish with high quality food such as live or frozen blood worm and brine shrimp, increase feedings, and also increase water changes. During spawning, males will exhibit a dramatic increase in color and females will deposit their eggs among spawning mops or densely planted areas. The rainbowfish fry will hatch after around seven days and the will be very small. They will first need to be fed infusoria and later on baby brine shrimp. The fry are rather slow growing and to increase their growth rate conduct frequent water changes and feed the fry multiple times per day.

Water Chemistry: Goyder River rainbowfish prefer a water temperature that ranges from 72-75F, a KH that ranges from 10-30, and a pH that ranges from 7.0-8.3.

Aquarium Diet: Goyder River rainbowfish are omnivores and will accept frozen food such as blood worm and brine shrimp, pellets, and flake food. They especially will do well being fed live food.

Dimorphism: Male Goyder River rainbowfish are generally larger, exhibit brighter colors, and are slightly more aggressive.

Compatibility: Goyder River rainbowfish do well in groups of their own species, but try to keep more females than males in their aquarium. They also do well being kept with larger, peaceful fish such as larger tetras and rasboras, giant danios, and peaceful cichlids.

Goyder River Rainbow Photo Gallery

Author: Aquatics Unlimited