Humphead Glassfish
Parambassis pulcinella

Care Level




Reef Compatible


Plant Safe


Max Size

2" - 5"

Minimum Tank Size

55 gallon


Blue, Silver, White, Yellow



Water Conditions

Neutral (6 to 8 pH), Intermediate water hardness (6 to 12dH), 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit


General: The Humphead Glassfish (Parambassis pulcinella) can make a great addition to any freshwater system consisting of other relatively large, peaceful fish. Originally, the Humphead Glassfish is from the fast-flowing streams of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). It is primarily carnivorous, feeding on microorganisms, worms, shrimp, insects, and small fish. For these reasons, it is best kept in a community setting with fish above 2.5'' in length.

Fecundity: Very little is known of the reproductive strategies of the Humphead Glassfish (Parambassis pulcinella).

Preferred Water Chemistry: Neutral (6 to 8 pH), Intermediate water hardness (6 to 12dH)

Aquarium Diet: Brine shrimp, blackworms, general flakes, carnivore pellet, insects, feeder shrimp

Dimorphism: The Parambassis pulcinella male will develop an enlarged hump on the forehead to suggest genetic dominance. The female may develop this hump as well, but it will be significantly smaller.

Compatibility: The Humphead Glassfish will typically be a good companion for Tetra, Corydoras, Plecostomus, Rainbowfish, Gourami, Killifish, and Swordtail.

Author: Grant Stevens