Marble Hatchet
Carnegiella strigata

Care Level




Reef Compatible


Plant Safe


Max Size

2" - 5"

Minimum Tank Size

20 gallon


Black, Gray, Silver, White



Water Conditions

Acidic (5-7 pH), soft water (3 to 6 dH), 74 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit


General: The Marble Hatchetfish (Carnegiella strigata) is a schooling species, native to a large portion of the Amazonian River Basin. Naturally, the Marble Hatchetfish prefers "blackwater" (acidic, soft water) conditions. This peaceful fish is one of the few, in the hobby, that will occupy the upper niche of an aquarium. The Marble Hatchetfish should be kept in schools of six, or more. They should also be kept in an entirely covered aquarium, as they may try to jump out of the water. In optimal conditions, the Marble Hatchetfish will reach a length of two inches, and live up to five years.

Reproduction: Marble Hatchetfish have scarcely been bred thru-ought the hobby. However,
reproductive behavior of this species can be encouraged by mimicking natural conditions. Maintain acidic, soft water conditions in a planted aquarium. Being fed foods that contain large amounts of protein will aid in the development of viable offspring.

Preferred Water Chemistry: Acidic (5-7 pH), soft water (3 to 6 dH)

Aquarium Diet: Brine shrimp, Baby Brine Shrimp, general flakes, Blackworms, Spirulina

Dimorphism: It is very difficult to determine the gender of Marble Hatchfish (Carnegiella strigata). However, the female will take on a more gravid appearance when ready to reproduce.

Compatibility: The Marble Hatchetfish (Carnegiella strigata) are typically compatible with other Hatchetfish, Danio, Tetra, Rasbora, Apistogramma, Pencilfish, and Corydoras.

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Author: Aquatics Unlimited