Peacock Bass
Cichla monoculus

Care Level



Fore Ground



Reef Compatible


Plant Safe


Max Size

18 +

Minimum Tank Size



Green, Black, Red



Water Conditions

73-77° F, KH 4-5, pH 6.0-7.2


General: The peacock bass is a member of the Cichlidae family that will not fail to impress with a colorful eyespot, and attentive behavior. This cichlid can live past ten years, reach a length of over two feet, and weigh well over ten pounds.

Dimorphism: Male peacock bass will grow larger than females and also will have more of a noticeable hump on their head.

Fecundity: The peacock bass can produce up to 15,000 eggs per clutch. The female will lay eggs on a flat surface where the male will fertilize them. The hatched fry will be relocated to a nest where the parents will guard the offspring.

Water Chemistry: 73-77° F, KH 4-5, pH 6.0-7.2

Aquarium Diet: Peacock bass are carnivores and will accept feeder fish, ghost shrimp, crayfish, crickets, and earthworms. Please only feed terrestrially-based foods such as chicken, and beef heart on rare occasion as they can cause digestive issues with peacock bass.

Compatibility: The peacock bass will likely attempt to consume anything that will fit in its mouth. The peacock bass can be kept as an individual or a pair. Male peacock bass, once mature, will not tolerate another male. Peacock bass are typically compatible with other larger fish such as oscars (Astronotus ocellatus), parrot cichlids (Amphilophus citrinellus x Paraneetroplus synspilus), and silver dollars (Metynnis argenteus).

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Author: Grant Stevens