Powder Blue Tang
Acanthurus leucosternon

Care Level




Reef Compatible


Plant Safe


Max Size

5" - 8"

Minimum Tank Size

75 gallon


Blue, Yellow



Water Conditions

Basic (8.2-8.5 pH), Salinity (1.02-1.025 specific gravity), High Water Hardness (10-15 dGH), 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit


General: The Powder Blue Tang (Acanthurus luecosternon) naturally occupy various reefs within the Indian Ocean. The Powder Blue Tang will reach a length of eight inches, is considered to be "reef safe", and should be kept in an aquarium larger than 100 gallons. Due to a typically rough acclimation period, this Tang should not be utilized to "cycle" a new aquarium. There is a chance that a Powder Blue Tang may be accepting of another, as long as it is of a relatively similar size. However, every living organism is unique in its own way. It is important to understand that every individual will behave differently, regardless of species, and that adjustments may have to be made when introducing any new fish.

Aquarium Diet (Herbivorous): The Powder Blue Tang (Acanthurus leucosternon) are naturally herbivorous, primarily consuming algal species such as Spirulina, or Daphnia. However, optimal health will only be achieved with a balanced diet including microinvertebrates such as copepods, or baby Brine Shrimp.

Author: Aquatics Unlimited