Fancy Platy
Xiphophorus maculatus

Care Level




Reef Compatible


Plant Safe


Max Size

Less than 2

Minimum Tank Size






Water Conditions

64-77° F, KH 10-25, pH 7.0-8.2


General: The fancy platy's wild relatives originate in rivers and tributaries of Mexico and parts of Central America. They are one of the top recommended beginner fish, and are a mainstay in almost any fish store. Over time, breeders have developed a wide assortment of platy color morphs with different sized fins, which can be categorized as "fancy platies". Some of these varieties include the mickey mouse platy, hi fin platy, and calico platy. Platies do best in an aquarium with groups of live plants, a sufficient but not overly powerful water current, and an open swimming area.

Fecundity: Platies are very easy to breed and fry are almost certainly guaranteed as long as the the water conditions are good and a male is housed with multiple females. Female platies will have anywhere from 20-60 fry per brood, and it is recommended that they should be separated before giving birth so the fry are not eaten by other tank mates. A densely planted aquarium however, would provide the fry with shelter. Platy fry will accept baby brine shrimp or crushed up fish flake.

Water Chemistry: Fancy platies prefer a water temperature that ranges from 64-77F, a KH that ranges from 10-25, and a pH that ranges from 7.0-8.2.

Aquarium Diet: Fancy platies are not at all picky eaters and will accept a wide assortment of foods, including fish flake, and live or frozen brine shrimp and blood worm.

Dimorphism: Male fancy platies are generally smaller than females and have a fin used in reproduction called a gonopodium.

Compatibility: Fancy platys make welcome additions to lots of community aquariums. Possible tank mates include other platies, swordtails, zebra danios, tetras, corydoras catfish, and rasboras.

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Author: Aquatics Unlimited