100% Natural Dry Indian Almond Leaves

Benefits of using IAL / Catappa leaves in your shrimp tank:

  • Creates a natural water environment for Bettas & freshwater shrimp

  • Enhances the natural color

  • Provides biofilm grazing

  • Aids the molting process, helping reduce mortality rate during this stage

  • Contains acids and tannins which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, preventing bacteria and diseases

  • Stimulates breeding

  • Relieves stress

  • Mildly reduces pH


Indian Almond Leaves, also known as Catappa/Ketapang Leaves, are great for adding tannins and leaf litter to your tank. Not only does the leaf litter add depth and aesthetics to your tank it also offers many other great health benefits. Shrimp and small fish and fry love to hide amongst it for security.


For Bettas, simply drop in a piece of leaf 1 to 2 inches square for each gallon. Other larger aquariums add 2 to 3 medium to large size leaves per 25 gallons.


The leaves will become waterlogged and sink after a couple days if not boiled beforehand. Once it begins to sink it will start releasing its tannins and other beneficial compounds. Many fish and shrimp will eat the leaf for its nutrients. When the leaf has nearly been dissolved add another dose. You can leave the old parts in or take them out.


Notes: Boiling the leaves and letting it cool down before putting into the tank are always recommended.


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