Read Any Good Books Lately?

for the week of 11/4/99

OK, so the Internet is more-or-less free, but are you sure the fishkeeping information you get there is reliable (other than our site, of course)? Every hobbyist should certainly have a few top reference works on hand, if not a complete library of them. Here are what I feel are among the best of the best. Many are readily available at your local fish store; some are a bit harder to find.


  • Beginners – Tetra Fishkeeper’s Guide to a Healthy Aquarium
  • Intermediate – Tetra Encyclopedia of Tropical Fish
  • Expert – Tetra Aquariology Master Edition
  • Fish Identification – Axelrod Atlas or Mini-Atlas


  • Beginners – Tetra Guide to Natural Aquarium
  • Intermediate – Practical Guide to Aquarium Plants
  • Plant Identification – Practical Guide to Aquarium Plants


  • Beginners – Tetra Popular Guide to the Cichlid Aquarium
  • Intermediate – Tetra East African, West African, Dwarf and Large Cichlid books
  • African Cichlid Identification – Practical Guide to African Cichlids 1 & 2


  • Beginner Overall – New Marine Aquarist
  • Intermediate Overall – Conscientious Marine Aquarist
  • Beginner Fish – Tetra Encyclopedia of Marine Aquariums
  • Fish Identification – Burgess Atlas or Mini-Atlas
  • Intermediate Reef – Natural Reef Aquariums
  • Expert Reef – Reef Aquarium 1 & 2 and Modern Coral Reef Aquarium 1 & 2
  • Coral Identification – Practical Guide to Corals


  • Marine – Diseases of Marine Aquarium Fish
  • Freshwater – Color Guide of Tropical Fish Diseases
  • Pond – Koi Health and Disease

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