Saltwater FISH Quarantine, Replacement Policy, & Special Orders/Requests

Saltwater FISH Quarantine,
Replacement Policy,
& Special Orders/Requests

Aquatics Unlimited takes pride in our knowledge and quality of all our fish. With your love and support we have been able to take another step that sets us apart from every one else. This handout will hopefully answer all the questions you may have in regards to our quarantine process, our new replacement policy, as well as a few other things that will be related to these topics.

The saltwater hobby is a wild animal, literally. Most saltwater fish are still wild caught. It is important to know that these fish are bringing the wild with them. Their behavior, eating habits, stress levels, and diseases are among the most important things to be aware of and can make this hobby unnecessarily challenging. So many stores or online vendors would rather “turn and burn” fish. They would rather the responsibility be on you rather than them to make sure you are making the right purchase, that the fish is eating, and/or that you put the fish through quarantine. Sure, you might get a cheaper fish, but why take a gamble?


There are differences in how fish are collected, shipped, fed, and cared for. This extra care for the animal will in turn show a higher price tag.

Example: We all know why there is a difference between an old car sitting rotting in the woods verses the same car spruced up in someone’s garage. One has had more care and effort put into it. Even if they are the same make, model, mileage and even paint color does not mean that the one in the woods is the same value as that one in the garage.

We want to do better by the fish as well as by you, their future caretakers. We are not that kind of “turn and burn” store. These fish are living creatures that require our care. We want your new creature to be healthy, eating, and happy in it’s future home.

What is quarantine?
Quarantining a fish is to first introduce it to a tank that is not your main display tank. It is a system set up to monitor and eradicate any problems (eating, personality, and/or disease) before that fish is added to the rest of the group.

Why should a healthy fish go into quarantine?
A fish may look happy and healthy, but there is no guarantee. Why risk the health of all your other fish when you can take a precautionary step?

What does our quarantine system entail?
Some of you may already know how to medicate and quarantine a fish. We would like to be transparent with our procedure so that you may know what steps we are taking to ensure a healthy fish. (There may be many more details that are too specific to cover in this handout, but please do not hesitate to ask.)

A new fish, whether it is new from a shipper or from a trade-in, will be going through our 28 day quarantine cycle.

After being acclimated to a biologically cycled quarantine tank, the fish will start on Cupramine (chelated copper). Day 1-4 we will slowly increase the concentration of copper to therapeutic levels (0.3-0.6ppm). Days 15-19 we will maintain that level of copper. Days 20-28 we will be acclimating them off of copper and continuing to observe. Additionally, during this 28 day process, the fish will be fed medicated frozen food. This food will contain: Praziquantel, Metronidazale, Kanamycin, and Focus for a binder.

If the fish does not appear ready after 28 days, it will go through another 28 day cycle. If at any point a fish manifests any other infections other than what copper can treat, we will also be treating that entire tank of fish with the proper medication for the duration the infection requires.

After the fish has been cleared, they will be introduced to the floor retail tanks for sale.

What about the health of the retail tanks?
Our fish have not always gone through a 28 day quarantine process. This means that any of our tanks originally would have had the potential for producing an infection. To ensure that all the healthy fish coming out of quarantine to not go into a potentially “un-sterile” environment, we have gone through extra steps to sterilize all the systems before any quarantined fish were put out.  (Note: We do not have to do this every time we put new fish out. We only had to do this once.) We will still be running UV-Sterilizers as an added precautionary measure.

May I still quarantine my own fish?
Yes, you may still want your fish to go through your own regimen. Nothing beats peace of mind.

Why do Aquatics Unlimited employees ask so many questions?
Perhaps you are an educated fish connoisseur, but there are always details or questions that we would rather you know than to miss important information. We want to ensure that the fish are going to a suitable home. We want to help minimize risks and have you be successful and for the fish to be happy.

(The fish has died)

Make a confident purchase! Here at Aquatics Unlimited, we strive to supply our customers with the highest quality livestock around. All livestock is quarantined and inspected by expert hobbyists with over 15 years of experience.

Please read carefully! We do not have a replacement policy on our fish. We do everything we can to ensure the best success. We will test, check, ask, and recheck all options to ensure that we do our best to help you be successful.

Please always be 100% sure of your purchase prior to buying.
– Feel free to bring in a water test, even if you just checked it at home.
– Do not be shy to ask questions; if you don’t we will 🙂 .
– If you would like to see a fish eat, you may request that it be fed.
– You may even ask to speak to one of the saltwater associates if you don’t feel confident that the right questions are being asked or answered.

We would much rather all parties feel confident that the fish is going into a healthy and stable environment than for anyone to second guess anything. Please feel free to do your own research, but nothing beats a personalized response that you will have when you consult with an associate in-store or on our Facebook page.

(The fish is alive and needs to be returned)

We do have a 50% return policy on saltwater fish.
Please feel free to give us a call if there are any questions or problems that we may be able to address beforehand. If there are any other reasons that the fish is not working out, please feel free to bring it back within 7 days to receive 50% back on the fish. The fish must be in original condition to receive 50% back. You may choose to have it issued as store-credit or by original payment method.


If there is a fish that you would like, but we do not have it currently available, please leave us your “Special Order Request”. (Special orders will be handled in order of request date.)

Please understand our procedure.

We will take down your name and phone number.

(Please realize that not all fish are always readily available through our distributors, but we will do our best to obtain it in a timely fashion.)

Upon it’s successful arrival to the store, you will receive a phone call that it has arrived (we do leave voicemails).

You have that day to respond and pay for the fish. (If you do not, and there is another individual in line, the choice is given to the next individual.)

The fish will then go through our 28 day quarantine process.

The day your fish will be released from quarantine, you will receive a phone call requesting you to come in to pick up the fish.

You have 7 days after the release day to pick up your fish.

If you do not, you will forfeit your fish and store-credit will be issued for the value of the fish.

If at any point during our hold the fish does not survive, we will issue a full refund. You may choose to use this credit on a different fish or have the payment returned to you through your original payment method.

– – –

Thank you for taking the time to read through this handout. Aquatics Unlimited is always trying to grow and improve. Truthfully, it is not always easy, but we hope that our efforts continue to show through. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone involved.

Thank You for all your love and support!

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